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We are regularly adding previews, trailers and still from our clips. The full clips are available from our clips4sale store.
Our Clips:
We have lots of clips available. Mostly based around CFNM but with lots of SPH and some cuckolding too.
Our members:
We love to get our members involved with our clips. From ideas and concepts, to even appearing!

The message board is the hub of the site. There you can share experiences, opinions and photos. There are individual boards to post your photos, including a board dedicated to guys whose dicks are too small.
It's free to register and post there.
There is also a board to arrange parties and meets, and a board where you can find links to clips and photos.
From time to time we have surprises such as phone chats, audio cock ratings, and chat room or cam room meets.

The Measuring Club

How big is your wang- or willy?

Penis size does of course matter.

We have recruited a few women who provide a full measuring service for men  who would like to know where they stand in the pecker order.

There are a variety of size consultations available.

You can even get your own signed certificate.

 If you are in the UK, and can get to London or the south of England, and you are interested in learning more, follow the link below.


We are regularly adding trailers stills and previews for our clips.
If you want to get straight to the clips then they are all available at clips4sale.
Our previews start with the latest first.


Starring Lacey Starr and Saskia Squirts

Two CFNM women, away from their husbands for the afternoon, were visited by a guy who was there to entertain them. They slowly realised that he seemed to have a bigger and better cock than they were used to on these occasions.  Before long they had him naked, and they just could not keep their hands, or their mouths, off his cock.


Starring French Chloe, Mandy Pickering, Paige Fox, Eva Johnson and more!!

The Walnut Walk has been around a while, and in that time there has been a fair bit of measuring! This is a compilation of measuring, comparing, size guessing and inspection.Walnut Walk girls past and present are featured. (Note that some older parts are SD and normal screen.)


Starring Paige Fox

Poor guy, home in bed, waiting for his wife to come home.

He is worried she might be cheating, he his worried his penis isn't big enough for her

She tries to reassure him, but he pushes and pushes.Finally she caves in, and admits the awful truth.

His cock IS too small, and she HAS been cheating.How will he react?


Starring Kiana Kraze

Kiana has some fun with a tiny cock guy. He has to admit another guy is bigger (and he is a lot bigger) and he has to play with his own cock, he is spanked and slapped (which will teach him to be small) and has to do a strange thing with some peanuts!

Kiana also has a good laugh making him boast about his massive balls and cock!

All's well in the end though because at the second time of asking she is able to jerk him off until he comes.


Starring Eva Johnson

Mike wants to be a secretary, but nobody wants a male. So he pretends to be a woman, but when his boss Eva finds out, she makes sure he knows what it is like to be a woman.

Annoyed to be deceived, she canes him until he cries, and carries on to make him suck her strap on dick before fucking him with it in a couple of different positions.

Eventually she decides he should wear a painful chastity cuckold cage on his little dick. Does he get the job?


Starring Faye Rampton and Mandy Pickering

Two naughty muggers are on the prowl.

This time they find a big... job on their hands.

Oh yes, and the guy has a bigger dick too.

They trick him into going to a barn with them, get his dick out, and of course they soon take a liking to his mobile phone.

They like him enough to flash their tits and ass, but before too long, they run off with his cash!


Starring Paige Fox

More to follow soon, but in the meantime here is a little out-take with Paige Fox and Marc Luterian (who is in fact one of our members).

Paige can't help but laugh at poor Marc's little widget.

Of course, all our clips are uncensored.